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How works and Controls Vitalya

Esterno Vitalya

VITALYA: How works

Vitalya’s structure is simple and linear

Designers have studied and designed it using the easier and richer material: the wood. Wood ductility, the natural heat it offers with its precious essence of nature, and its soft and comfortable forms give the idea of a cradle in which every detail and every element in its simplest site has a specific objective reason. Even in the interior no one detail has been neglected so it is welcoming and comfortable.

The seat is made of wooden slats that allow to the far infrared, placed behind the panels, to irradiate the spinal column, producing a pleasant sensation of heat. The other panels distributed inside are hidden by screens of wood in order to achieve, during the 30 minutes of treatment, a temperature not exceeding 45 °, that will activate the physiological mechanisms by which the organism consumes fat. A treatment with Vitalya is a real bath of wellness.

At this stage, you can start the treatment by inserting the card into the special console behind the equipment and pressing Start. The card to start the treatment is pre-charged with the total number of treatments established with the client. The client begins to pedal, the environment begins to overheat and the person breathes oxygen. Starting the treatment also the audio-video system starts automatically. This system was designed in order to allow low tones of the music, issued by the sub-woofer under the seat, to conduct vibrations from bottom to top generating a kind of Virtual massage produced by sound waves.

In just 30 minutes, that is the limit time for each treatment with Vitalya, you can achieve different effects such as sweating, losing toxins, water retention, loss of calories and all this happen thanks to physical activity and conditions determined by heat and oxygen breathing.


"Dedicated to you not being in a harry to become old"



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