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SALYNEA: Multifunctional bed for spa and beauty farm

Esterno Vitalya

Salt to fight Cellulite

A perfect synergy to regain fitness and wellness
Trapani Sea Salt - Himalayan Salt - Etna molten rock - Infrared - Chromotherapy - Music


A treatment with Salynea is an incredible experience for those who want to find phycal shape, energy and wellness of body and mind. In just thirty minutes the regenerating action of the salt heated on the molten rock increases lipid metabolism, helps the drainage of fluids, regulates the skin hydration and produces distension and relaxation of the whole body.

To make a treatment with SALYNEA also means to fill up a cascade of "negative ions" produced by Himalayan salt that have an incredible effect on the human body. The "negative ions" help blood circulation, increase body temperature, improve the quality of sleep and full of energy thanks to the production of serotonin. From the great power of sea salt and volcano a treatment that makes getting back  in shape also taking care of health.


Everyone knows that eating too much salt causes water retention and encourages the appearance of cellulite, but few know that bathe into the salt activates the chemical process  of "Osmosis" which promotes the elimination of toxins and water retention along with that annoying "sensation of swelling " that often we complain

The sea is always been synonymous of wellness; sodium and iodine content in seawater are the best ingredients to fight cellulite and facilitate weight loss. SALYNEA born thinking about these two precious mineral friends of the figure.  SALYNEA is a bath full of Trapani sea salt resting on a bed of Etna molten rock heated by infrared. A lot of warm salt to lie on and cover oneself  to enjoy all the benefits generated  by the synergy between salt and infrared. A unique treatment that helps along figure and health. While we are relaxed and  we enjoy the benefits of salt on our body,  in the bed of Himalayan salt stones emit highly energizing negative ions that together with chromotherapy make SALYNEA a unique treatment to achieve a perfect balance between mind and body.

Thirty minutes of extreme relaxation to get back in figure or just to take care of one’s body and health.


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