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Oxygen Benefits and Effect on body and wellness



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People often say that oxygen is life and actually life could not exist without oxygen. It is easy to understand how oxygen is important and valuable for survival on earth

Breathing is the most spontaneous and natural thing that man can do, but nobody has ever thought about the importance of this valuable molecule and the benefits it brings to life itself.
Not even one vital process could take place without oxygen and any life could not exist without it. Yes, oxygen is life, it’s the life of our cells, it’s life for our skin, for our health and for our appearance and body. .

Oxygen is and always will be the magic key that can open the doors of prosperity, longevity, rejuvenation and loss of weight.
The human body needs this precious element to survive, reproduce and regenerate. The nutrients in food could not be metabolized efficiently and toxins could not be eliminated without oxygen. Oxygen is acquired through breathing and transported by the bloodstream.

When you're young, the circulatory system works perfectly, but when years pass and with an inappropriate lifestyle that system starts to degenerate and does not take any more the amount of oxygen required to maintain an optimal state of life and health.

In these conditions, cells have great difficulties to eliminate toxins and excess fluids resulting from their strong presence. This situation leads to a reduction of cellular metabolism and of all the other metabolic processes that allow us to stay fit and young. The lack of oxygen and an increased presence of toxins in the body cause tissue acidosis that exacerbates the general health creating favourable conditions for the aging of skin (reduction of collagen and elastic) and determining a barrier to the loss of weight. With any doubt, an adequate supply of oxygen ensures a perfect state of health with a younger skin in a drier and thinner body.

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