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Chromotherapy effetcs on health and beauty



Very few people have perhaps ever given any thought to the effect that colours can have on our very existence! A beautiful and bright sun-filled day undoubtedly lifts our spirits unlike a gloomy, cloudy and rainy day in winter. Chromotherapy is a process of alternative medicine that uses colours for treating certain conditions.

Even though it has not been officially acknowledged by medical science, it is often used to help the body and the mind rediscover balance and harmony. The effects that colours can have on our emotional state have now been acknowledged. Depending on their psycho-physical effect, the colours are divided into the following groupings: Cold Colours: (Indigo, blue and violet) Warm Colours: (Yellow, orange and red)

Warm colours are used as stimulants, they increase body temperature and accelerate the heart rate, affecting vitality and achieving energy peaks. The cold colours, on the other hand, have a marked relaxing and calming effect.

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