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DM Italia spa equipments certification


DM Italia Equipments Certification

The equipment produced by the DM LTD Italy are supplied with a certification for each component used in the assembly and the final certification - compliance report issued by Progestione & EMC solutions & Euromisure and certifications, Ing Castagnoli Renzo, confirms thesuitability for use as in compliance with the reference standard adopted for checking the electrical safety IEC 62-39:1998-0.

Certificate Equipments


In the cradle of well-being are integrated in perfect synergy Oxygen, Infrared light exercise. Thirty minutes, comfortably lying to regain energy and physical fitness with a treatment that does what it promises: Energy and Vitality in one word translate into VITALYA



Lady B is the highest expression of vitality, renewal and purification that its creator and designer may be able to give to the "Lady of Beauty". A complete wellness treatment that transforms a thirty minutes of treatment in a fantastic experience.

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