Aesthetic oxygen therapy equipments

Aesthetic oxygen therapy - oxygen effect on our body


Aesthetic oxygen therapy:

A new, integrated system in the striking THRESY multifunctional bed represents the overturning of all the techniques hitherto used to fend-off the signs of ageing that takes the form unattractive wrinkles.

In addition to its totally innovative and attractive shape, the THRESY bed accommodates its users on padded slats, making it extremely comfortable and welcoming and delivers facial and body treatments simultaneously. Made totally from solid okume wood the base of this extraordinary bed has within it a number of infrared ray carbon panels that heat up its entire surface allowing the operator to simultaneously deliver body treatments, such as mud-baths and massages etc and facial treatments using the innovative Oxygen Beauty system that is incorporated into the same bed.
Recent medical studies have highlighted the extraordinary methodology of a system that ‘without the use of needles’ allows pressurised oxygen, along with other specific active ingredients, to penetrate the skin and help counter the signs of ageing (wrinkles) and local fat deposits (cellulite). This remarkable discovery, in the field of medicine, has also found its way into the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetics and those in need of a shot, without having to resort to intradermal injections, using the same equipment that is capable of allowing medications to penetrate the skin with the use of air under high pressure.

The exceptional nature of this invention applied to the beauty and cosmetology sector represents a total upheaval of all the methodologies relating to the treatment of wrinkles and cellulite.

Specialist operators in the beauty sector know the characteristics of the very limited permeability of the human skin, being therefore aware that of the active principles used, only in a very small part, are capable of penetrating the skin’s own natural barriers and achieving the function for which they are used (anti-wrinkle and anti-cellulite creams)

By using the THRESY bed combined with ‘Oxygen Beauty’ it is possible to penetrate the skin’s impermeable barrier with extreme ease and succeed in allowing the active principles chosen for the specific treatment to penetrate down to the deepest layers. By so doing it achieves an instantaneous visible result and an effective treatment which is by far superior to those achieved with previously used methods

This is the one single goal, the primary essence of the combine Thresy bed that sets out and develops its programmes on the interaction of interventions that are combined and integrated in order to obtain a perfectly balanced and targeted combination that represents the involvement of all the methodologies that we are so far aware of, in the fight against cellulite and ageing of the skin.

The combined THRESY bed, in a single, impressive application provides:
Infrared rays and oxygen: capable of overcoming the dermal barrier, penetrating down to the deepest levels (derma) thanks to the pressure with which it is provided, producing the effects of a slowing down and prevention of the ageing process, smoothing out facial lines and wrinkles, stimulating cellular mitotis (cell reproduction), improving circulation and lymphatic drainage and providing, in the immediacy, a softer, smoother and more youthful appearance.

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